Battery-powered sprayers

Villager battery-powered sprayers VBS 16 and VBS 16 Li are already well known devices, that have been present among the Villager assortment for a number of years.

How to choose a tiller?

In order to choose a tiller according to your needs, you need to answer the following three questions:

How to choose a pump?

Villager has a range of 20 pumps which differ in type and their intended use. They include: fuel-driven pumps for irrigation,
hydropack pumps, electric pumps for irrigation, electric vibration pumps and submersible pumps. In order to choose the
right one, you need to consider the following criteria.

How to choose a sprayers?

In order to choose a sprayer according to your needs, you first need to answer the following three questions.

Pruning of fruit trees

The main goal of pruning fruit trees is to obtain quality fruit growth, and achieving the proper relationship between vegetative and fruit (generative) buds, in order to establish a balance between growth and yield.


The practice of irrigation is as old as civilization itself. Some of the oldest civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Maya, Inka, China) have owed their wealth and development to irrigation, and it is believed that the tendency to achieve as efficient irrigation as possible brought the appearance of first state mechanisms, which is why such civilizations are often called hydraulic empires