The future of mowing

Mowing Lawn is tough work and sometimes consumes lot of time and energy. When work week is over, then the weekend comes and that’s our time for relaxing. Last thing you want to think about is spending afternoon behind mower. That’s why we present Villybot robotic mower.

Battery-powered lawn mowers

Villager battery-powered lawn mowers are appropriate for mowing small and midsized lawns (the recommended mowing surface area is 250 m2). What characterizes them is the fact that they blend the advantages of electric and engine-powered lawn mowers, these mowers are ideal for usage in urban areas. AC induction motors, agility, low noise level, these are just some of the advantages inherited from electric lawn mowers. On the other hand, mobility and independence from the electric network, are the characteristics of engine-powered lawn mowers.

How to choose a lawn mower?

In order to make an informed choice when it comes to a lawn mower which meets your needs, you need to take into account the
following three criteria:


Verticulation is the removal of dead plant parts, primarily leaves, from the lawn surface. One part occurs as a result of natural decay and the other part as a result of the mowed leaves, which have not been removed after mowing.

Lawn establishment

Establishing of the lawn can be done in four ways: seeding, sodding, vegetative propagation (so called plugging) and by sprigging (rhizomes, stolons). The last two methods involve vegetative propagation (rooting) the parts of plants and are used mainly for certain species, such as Sundew Bahama grass and Meadow grass. Which method will be chosen depends on the type of lawn, the desired speed of establishing lawns, equipment and financial resources


It is necessary to carry out the preparation of the lawn before mowing which includes cleaning of the surface of the waste of plant origin (branches, leaves, cuttings) and solid materials (rocks, rubble, discarded packaging...). Levelling repair of the terrain is also an integral part of preparing the ground for mowing.

Watering the lawn

If there is not enough natural rainfall, irrigation should be done. Omissions and shortcomings in practice in the field of agricultural technology are often resolved by increased irrigation. However, this does not achieve the desired results, and it is not economical. For decorative lawn watering regime, quantitative production of organic matter is not essential, but their density, colour and decorative look.

Live fences

It happens that live fences of long standing rarefy at their bottom, so they should be cut more frequently both on the top and on the sides.

Live fences do not need to be of strict geometric shapes, but can weave and form irregular shape, showing thus casualness and creativity.

Also, the plant material for the live fence can vary and may be blended in different ways, resulting in a richness of textures and shapes.