Battery-powered lawn mowers

Villager battery-powered lawn mowers are appropriate for mowing small and midsized lawns (the recommended mowing surface area is 250 m2). What characterizes them is the fact that they blend the advantages of electric and engine-powered lawn mowers, these mowers are ideal for usage in urban areas. AC induction motors, agility, low noise level, these are just some of the advantages inherited from electric lawn mowers. On the other hand, mobility and independence from the electric network, are the characteristics of engine-powered lawn mowers.

Villager 40V Li-ion Powertm batteries are equipped with Samsung cells monitored by an advanced electric controller that disables inadequate charging and discharging of battery cells. A battery constructed in such a way guarantees a long and reliable service life.

Along with the development of Li-ion batteries came the reduction of the total mass, as well as the increase of working intervals between two chargings, which as a result provides an economic and efficient device.

Research has shown that, on a long-term scale, battery-powered devices accomplish greater savings than those with gasoline engines, because the price of electric energy spent is far lower than the price of fuel and oil used.

Work autonomy

Villy 4000 E:
4 Ah up to 40 min.
6 Ah up to 50 min.

Villy 6000 E:
4 Ah up to 35 min.
6 Ah up to 45 min.