In order to choose a chainsaw that suits your needs, you need to consider the following criteria:

The first important criterion when choosing
a chainsaw is whether you want an
engine or electric drive. Both have their
advantages, so there is not one correct
answer. If you live in an urban area, and
you plan to use the chainsaw for cutting
small firewood, while having an access
to power supply at all times, then Villager
electric chainsaw are the perfect solution
for you. If you plan to cut trees and
prepare firewood and construction timber,
then we can offer you a wide range
of motor chainsaws with different power
and intended use.
You choose!

Intended use and the manner in which
you use the chainsaw determine your
choice to a great extent. If you plan to
fell trees of larger diameter and height,
then you should consider purchasing a
motor chainsaw of large power, with a
long sword. If you plan to prepare firewood,
you can choose one of the chainsaws
with two-handed grip and shorted
sword. If you plan to prune trees and cut
firewood of smaller diameter, then we
recommend chainsaws with one-handed
The choice is yours.

The frequency of use of a chainsaw is a
very important factor to consider before
purchase. If you plan to use it several times
a season, then we recommend one
of the chainsaws from the orange hobby
range. On the other hand, if you are a
hardcore forester who spends hours in
felling, pruning and cutting trees, then
one of the powerful black edition chainsaws
is a perfect choice for you. Black
and orange ranges not only differ in colour,
but also in a range of technical solutions,
choice of components and materials,
Black or orange?