How to choose a brushcutter ?

In order to choose a trimmer suited to your needs, it is necessary to look through the following three criteria:

The first important criterion in the choice
of a trimmer or scythe is whether you
want a motor or an electric drive. Both
have their advantages and therefore,
there is not one correct answer. If you
live in an urban environment where you
maintain a small surface while having
an access to power supply at any given
time, and you dislike noise - then the Villager
electric trimmers are the perfect
choice for you. If you plan on maintaining
more demanding surfaces, which are
less maintained, then the perfect choice
is one of the brush cutters of different
power and intended use.
The choice is up to you.

The intended use and the manner of use
of a scythe or a trimmer will have a great
role in determining your choice. If you
plan to maintain neglected large spaces
for hours then you should consider purchasing
one of the backpack trimmers. If
you plan to use the trimmer in your garden
only, then try a model with a loop handlebar
and a regular strap. Finally, if you are
an advanced user who is not stopped by
the obstacles such as the undergrowth,
then you should consider purchasing one
the more powerful trimmers with a 'bicycle'
handlebar, professional strap, or
maybe even an anti-vibration system.
The choice is yours.

The frequency of use of the trimmer or
brush cutter is a very important criterion
when choosing one. If you plan to maintain
your property several times during
the season, then we recommend one of
the orange hobby trimmers. On the other
hand, if you are a hardcore gardener
who spends hours maintaining grass and
undergrowth and weeding, then the best
choice for you would be one of the powerful
brush cutters from the black edition
series. The difference between the black
and orange series is not only the colour,
but also a range of technical solutions,
choice of components and materials, etc.
Black or orange - that is the question!