How to choose a lawn mower?

In order to make an informed choice when it comes to a lawn mower which meets your needs, you need to take into account the
following three criteria:

The first important criterion in choosing
the lawn mower is the size of the lawn
you want to mow. Villager offers a variety
of electric, battery-powered and
light engine-powered lawn mowers for
mowing small and mid-size lawns up
to 800sqm. For mid-size to large surfaces
up to 1500 sqm we recommend
some of the models with a larger width
(from 46 to 53 cm) with or without additional
functions such as the collector or
own power supply. For large grass surfaces
up to 6000 sqm we recommend
one of the three tractor lawn mowers
with a large number of attachment tools.
To sum up, size matters.

The second criterion is the choice of the
type of engine that drives the lawn. If you
have a small-surface lawn without too
many obstacles for the use of an electric
cable, then the right choice for you would
be one of the Villager electric lawn mowers.
If you don’t like the noise and the
cables, then you should opt for the battery-
powered lawn mowers. For larger
and more demanding lawns we warmly
recommend of one the engine-powered
lawn mowers with fuel-driven engines.
We offer a wide range of powertrains,
cutting width and additional equipment
which will meet the demands of the most
demanding customers.
Variety is the key.

Most of the Villager lawn mowers are
equipped with a grass collector, and
some of them have a mulching set and
swathe side discharge option. Therefore,
it is of vital importance whether you want
your lawn mower to collect the swathe,
or have a special mulching set which
turns the swathe into the finest particles
which then fall back onto the lawn.
In this manner you will get a healthy and
resistant lawn. If the swathe collection
is not necessary, and the terrain where
the lawn is located is not an ideal one,
then we most warmly recommend of
the powerful and robust Villager lawn
mowers with the side discharge option.
The choice is up to you.