How to choose a pump?

In order to choose the right one, you need to consider the following criteria.

The first important criterion when purchasing
a pump is whether you want a
fuel-driven or electric drive. If you need
a pump for household water supply, and
you have no access to the water supply
network, you should opt for an electric
hydropack pump. If you need an irrigation
pump, you can choose one of the fuel-
driven or electric ones, depending on
whether you have an access to the power
supply and the water flow rate per
hour you need. For wastewater disposal
we recommend one of the electric submersible
Therefore, the choice is yours.

Flow rate is a very important criterion,
especially when it comes to agricultural
production, since it determines the irrigation
speed and thus determines the
time and effort spent working. If you plan
to irrigate a smaller surface while having
access to power supply, you should consider
purchasing an electric irrigation
pump. If you, however, have no access to
the power supply, please opt for a fuel-driven
pump of smaller flow-rate. If you, on
the other hand, irrigate a large surface
and you need greater autonomy and
mobility, then opt for one of the powerful
four-stroke pumps of large capacity.
Chose according to intended use.

It is very often that customers
make a poor choice due to misunderstanding
the difference between the depth of withdrawaland height of a water
column. The water column is the sum of the
depth of withdrawal ofa pump and the height to which the water is brought by the pump.
Make an informed decision.