How to choose a sprayers?

In order to choose a sprayer according to your needs, you first need to answer the following three questions.

Villager has a wide range of different
models of manual, fuel-driven and battery-
powered sprayers. According to the
workload, speed of work and the place
of use, you can choose a different type
of sprayer.

The basic purpose of sprayers is treating
planted fruits, vegetables, vineyards,
flowers, etc. For smaller surfaces, the
best choice are manual sprayers. For
larger workload, usually with planted
fruits and vineyards, fuel-driven sprayers
are used. Indoor surfaces, such as
hothouses and greenhouses require battery-
powered sprayers which do not release
harmful exhaust fumes.

If you need a sprayer for occasional use
in smaller planted surfaces in the household
and for various uses, you should opt
for one of the manual sprayers of different
volumes. Fuel-driven sprayers enable
longer work with higher efficiency.
Battery-powered sprayers bring real satisfaction
in work regardless of the frequency
of use, and large battery capacity
enables long period of work.