Lawn establishment

In the case of establishing lawn by seeding, in a permanent place, six to eight weeks of favourable conditions is needed for the formation of high-quality grass cover. Machinery, necessary for the establishment of lawns in this manner, shall be done by complex machines that perform surface soil preparation, seeding and rolling of surface layer in one pass.

If the lawn is established by sodding, it takes three to four weeks of favourable conditions for the plants to take root. Sodding is performed with a special machine, and it is involved for fast establishment of lawns. Turf can be natural and manufactured during prior seeding at appropriately prepared surface.

In both cases, with seeding and with sodding, daily watering, feeding and control of weeds of the newly established lawn is necessary, up to the moment of the first mowing.

Establishment of lawn by vegetative propagation (tamping, boring) and the rooting is done mainly with the thermophilic herbs. Given that we are in a moderate climate zone and where colder climate grasses dominant, the establishment of lawn by vegetative propagation, has no greater significance. When lawns are formed, they are classified according to different bases for classification as well as on the basis of the complexity of a mixture of grasses (simple and complex), the place, or the position, the function, the intensity of care, and the like. However, it can be said that the primary division of the lawns is a division to the park and recreation lawns.