The very mowing can be done manually or with a machine, depending on the size of the lawn and its features.

The park lawn is cut to a height of 30 to 40 mm (for natural grass height of 30 - 60 mm) once or twice a week, while the rule for the golf is 3 to 7 mm (natural height from 6 to 12 mm) with daily mowing.

When it comes to machines that perform cutting, according to the drive of motor mowers, it can be the internal combustion engine and the electric power motor.

Internal combustion engines are adapted to the stringent requirements of the environment, while the electric power motor is easier to start, and in addition, these devices operate with minimal noise and do not emit exhaust fumes.

If we analyze the development of mowing machines, the first such device had a line anvil and spiral, rotary knives on an imaginary cylinder. This principle is still applicable with manual-push lawn mowers and self-propelled lawn mowers, which are primarily, used for sports lawns. Rotary cutting machines were developed the last in the series and they are most commonly used for lawn maintenance.

They are divided into: manual (to push), manual - motor (to push), manual - motor (self-propelled), self-propelled (tractor pulled), hover and automatic.

Beside mowers, power cleaners - "trimmers" are also used for horticultural greenery care. These are the machines that have multiple roles and with the appropriate accessory they are easily adaptable to different cutting needs (cutting edge, the grass around curbs, paths, walls ...).

If shrubs and other non-precious vegetation that needs to be cut are found among the cultivated plants, the following accessories are used:

1)      blades (circular saw) for trees with diameters up to 200 mm,

2)      triple blade for cutting rough grass,

3)      grass cutter for rough, thick grass, but not for woody plants and

4)      blade for dense, coarse grass and woody plants.

In addition to the above named accessories, trimmer head with strands of nylon can be used for cutting of all types of herbs which is very convenient when cutting rough grass around ornamental shrubs or around trees.

When it comes to areas of lawns that grow over curbs and cross to the paths and walls, it is advisable to perform cutting of edges, as needed, throughout the year.

Mowers are most commonly used for trimming of lawn edges, and the grass around the lawn near solid objects, around paths, walls, ornamental shrubs, trees, is cut with a "trimmer". For certain parts of the lawn that need rimming in compliance with the objects, paths, walls, around goalposts, poles, the flower of ornamental shrubs and bushes group, the most practical solution is a vertical, mechanical "trimmer".