The future of mowing

Lawn mowing is often a hard work which demands a great expense of time and energy, After a hard week of work, the last you need is to spend an entire afternoon mowing your lawn. For that reason we give you the robotic mower. Villybot is an autonomous robot whose purpose is to independently mow lawns with the minimum human assistance. Before the production of Villybot robotic mower there was a yearslong research-development process whose goal was to create highly sophisticated, reliable, autonomous unit which, on the other hand, would be reliable at work and long lasting. During the development, extra attention was given to user experience.


Occasionally it may be necessary to clean collected grass, and also to control blade sharpness and swap them (as needed).

Work cycle example

Cycle start               Monday 08:00
Mowing area            600 m²
Cycle end                 Monday 16:00
Next cycle                Wednesday 08:00

Mowing area setting

300 m²              4 h of mowing
600 m²              8 h of mowing
1200 m²            12 h of mowing

Sensors and commands

1 Touch sensor

The sensor recognizes an obstacle if it encounters it and it changes the direction.

2 Angle and elevation sensor

On terrain steeper than 30° or during elevation, the blades automatically stops.

3 Quick stop

Quick stop is enabled by pressing the STOP button, which does not interrupt the started cycle.

4 Rain sensor

If there is a heavy rain, the sensor sends the robot to the unit.

5 Home

You can send the robot to the station at any moment by pressing the HOME button.