Villager Fuse™ - about Fuse™

About Fuse™

One set of Fuse 18 V batteries and chargers for all devices

One battery (except devices with two batteries) is enough for starting everything.

More room and easier space organization

By using only one battery and charger you will easily organize your work space.

Fuse 18 V cares about the environment

Less batteries and chargers means less usage of raw materials and smaller production of electric waste.

Fuse 18 V long-term exploitation

Advanced technology and proper usage and maintenance guarantee longevity of the product.

Fuse 18 V comfort and reliability

Absence of a power cable guarantees more movement freedom while working.

Fuse 18 V several times longer lifespan

Fuse 18 V batteries last up to three times longer than Ni-Cd batteries of similar characteristics.