Villager Fuse™ - research and development

As the leading company in tools and machine market, we have countless projects whose purpose is to track market trends and users’ wishes in line with specific needs. The development of the company, as is evident by the name, offers expertise in technical improvement and product development, production process and packaging. The team focuses on highly influential projects in the area of strategic development within the industry, competitive analysis, as well as estimating projects with wider social significance. As the result of years of research and development, Villager® offers a new generation of battery program FUSE™. The new line of products is equipped with an advanced PC board, which offers high levels of device protection.

Overcharge protection

Once the battery reaches full charge capacity, the charger automatically shuts down -protecting the inner battery components from damage.

Overdraining protection

Once the battery reaches critical drain level (10%) the drain indicator automatically shuts down everything that consumes power in order to prevent possible “memory effect”, and in that way shorten the battery's lifespan.

Overheating protection

The battery has an inner thermistor off sensor, which interrupts the charge or work cycle if the battery overheats. Overheating usually happens if there is a malfunction in the charger or because of strenuous work in demanding conditions. Up to 30 minutes of cooling is necessary, depending on the surrounding temperature and the type of work being done.

Voltage protection

Overcharge protection fails and the battery becomes overcharged and impact force changes, the battery will temporarily stop working in order to save inner components. The battery will return to its normal work mode after a few seconds once the impact force of the battery returns to a normal safe level.

Short circuit protection

If the battery set short-circuits, the short-circuit protector will immediately stop the battery set. This will ensure that other inner components of the battery or the device - remain undamaged.