About Villager®

About Villager®

Founded in 2005, Villager has grown to become one of the leading Garden and Power tools brands in the Bal­kans. Our efforts are still directed towards becoming one of the lead­ers in South-East Europe.

Villager’s official headquarters are in Slovenia (EU). Villager was origi­nally founded in Serbia. Combination of attractive designs, innovation, materials, high stand­ards of quality and social respon­sibility mixed with precise delivery planning and competitive price are our main achievements, and advan­tages that distinguish us from the competition.

Our mission – Building best “value for money”, garden and power tools products for widespread use.

Our vision – in the next few years Vil­lager wants to become one of the leaders in Eastern Europe, and the first choice for hobbyists, crafts­men and farmers. Where quality and price are an advantage, that’s where you’ll find us. We aim to make people’s lives easier and rich­er, by offering quality products that are easily available

Facts and figures about Villager®


  • 117 in total

  • 65 of who are based at head office in Serbia

  • 11 in R&D service

Products: more than 200 types of products

Sell: More than 2.150.000 machines were sold until the year 2020, not including hand tools and accessories.


Villager® history

             2005 - Villager is born

             2007 – Villager starts new category Power tools

             2010 – Starts selling on EU market

             2011 – Villager starts a new line of products - Villager Black Edition

             2014 – New company in Slovenia is opened

             2015 – Starting OEM manufacturer business

             2016 – Villager Store™

             2017 – Villager Challenge™

             2018 – Villager introduces a new line of FUSE™ battery products
                           Villager introduces a new principal redesign of products  

             2019 – Villager® opened Company in Romania, Villager Romania srl

                           Villager® decide to investment in new generation battery tools and develop advanced functions for the market,

                           which will follow the development of Industry 4.0

             2020 – Villager® introduces a new line of Robotic mowers


Villager® portfolio

Every product we create is our idea for making home a better place. Villager product is crafted to work time after time, so that our customers can care for their gardens in the best possible way.

Four product groups:

  • Fuse™
  • Garden tools
  • Power tools
  • Hand tools

Our values

  • Customer orientation
  • Results orientation
  • Risk taking
  • Great place to work
  • Quality
  • Discipline


  • Profitable and sustainable growth
  • Enhancing our position on current markets
  • Expansion onto new markets

Private label strategy

  • Covers a full range segment within the product family
  • Focuses on high turnover product categories
  • Excellent value for money

R&D (Research and development)

Research and development repre­sents a key competitive advantage that has made Villager one of the leading brands of garden and power tools in Europe. We are continually committed to development and in­novation, and we invest in research and development on a large scale. We implement the most efficient strategy for new product develop­ment (testing and designing prod­ucts – manufacturing prototypes – quality control and testing proto­types pilot production- final quality control and testing), all of which has enabled us to achieve flexible constructions and development of parts.

Design and construction

Market demand analysis has allowed us to have greater insight into types and characteristics of products our customers require, and our design team has been trying to meet those demands accordingly. We use the most modern constructing software in the process of construction. It enables us to parametrically make changes on the product or its parts and to follow the effect of those changes live. Besides the construct­ing with the most modern software tools, we measure and analyze ten­sion forces in parts and frames so as to remove all possible flaws and offer only products of top quality to the market. 

Production and quality control

We have reached a high level of pro­duction quality which is healthy and environmentally conscious. We ana­lyze machine parts and frames in detail and in such a way we ensure the quality of products and minimize or timely remove all the potential flaws. We produce machines and tools that meet all the applicable rules, regulations and standards, by applying strict quality control. More than a million satisfied customers are a sound proof that design and production of our products guaran­tee absolute reliability and longevity.

Villager® products

Villager products are designed, test­ed and chosen to meet European EC directives and standards. Our products are characterized by high quality, modern design, reliability, innovation, safety and affordabili­ty. Villager product range involves carefully chosen household and gar­den tools, tested in real conditions, which satisfy the highest reliability standards. We also offer adequate additional equipment for their safe use. A complete experience of the Villager brand involves post-pur­chase services: spare parts, tech­nical support and servicing. We at Villager company take care of our customers and their global, regional or local requirements. Wherever you are, there is a Villager office nearby that can offer specialized consulting.

Spare parts

Our original spare parts are developed simultaneously with Villager machines, which means that they meet the same criteria and that they are tested in the same way as the parts used in production. In this way, tolerance and marginal performance of characteristics which should be met are ensured, as well as the compatibility of the machine and spare parts. Spare parts are also available after the production of a machine has been discontinued, so you can easily use the machine for many more years. The efficient global network with strong logistics system ensures a quick and safe delivery in the region, within 24 hours of receiving the order. Service parts may be a part of the Service Contract or can be ordered directly from our service department.

Service network

The quality of a product is determined according to the set of very different parameters. One of them is a pos­sibility of servicing products within and out of warranty period, as well as the possibility of original spare parts procurement. Authorized service providers have great expe­rience and knowledge necessary to efficiently solve a wide range of problems. Villager service net­work is constantly expanding and improving, with the aim of satisfy­ing our customers. Villager service providers perform repairs of your machines and procurement of spare parts, so you have everything in one place. 

Villager® and Global markets

Villager conducts customized marketing and market access activities as well as a range of programs and activities across the globe, tailored to each key export market and distribution chan­nel.

We continue to leverage our core strengths in innovation, technology and reg­ulatory expertise while capturing cross-divisional synergies in manu­facturing, research and sales.

Our products are sold through wholesal­ers, distributors, chain stores, spe­cialized stores.

Villager® international

Our international distributors provide products to retailers. They work effectively with us, and they understand our strategic objectives and our company culture, and have a close working relationship with their local contacts. Our teams work tirelessly to identify the best products for our customers. They realize their activities on markets through Villager dealer’s concept. Trust in their dealer network is guaranteed by mutual partnership, commitment to excellent service, and care for each customer individually. The dealers are educated and are experts in their field who will best understand requirements and needs for a certain device and thus find the best solution for you. In that way we have provided, among other things, extra control of products’ placement, good merchandise exposure and professional services.

Villager® marketing

Villager® e-suport - new platform for B2B communication

                                            - marketing support portal

Social network - The seriously approach to social advertising (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin)

Villager Store™ - concept of stores with high quality combination of products’ lines and brands. Villager Store™ represents a modern interpretation of one turbulent shopping and customer loyalty.

Villager Challenge™ - was started for the purpose of education, presentation and competition for all lovers of Villager machines and tools.

Villager Demo - presentations and demonstrations of Villager products

Advertising - catalogs, leaflets, newspapers, magazines, television commercials, radio advertising, billboards, sports and other sponsorships…