Villager® international


Villager conducts customized marketing and market access activities as well as a range of programs and activities across the globe, tailored to each key export market and distribution chan­nel. We continue to leverage our core strengths in innovation, technology and reg­ulatory expertise while capturing cross-divisional synergies in manu­facturing, research and sales. Our products are sold through wholesal­ers, distributors, chain stores, spe­cialized stores.



Our international distributors provide products for retailers. They work effectively with us, and they understand our strategic objectives and our corporate culture, and have a close working relationship with their local contacts. Our teams work tirelessly to identify the best products for our customers. They realize their activities on markets through Villager dealer’s concept. Trust in their dealer network is guaranteed by mutual partnership, commitment to excellent service, and care for each customer individually. The dealers are educated and are experts in their field who will best understand requirements and needs for a certain device and thus find the best solution for you. In that way we have provided, among other things, extra control of product placement, good merchandise exposure and professional services.