Product specification

Category Brush cutters
Engine type Mitsubishi TLE48
Displacement 47.1 cm³
Engine power / rpm 1.76 kW / 11000 rpm
Cutting width (nylon) 430 mm
Cutting width (blade) 255 mm
Transmission Type Drive-shaft
Handlebar type Aluminum
Handlebar diameter 28 mm
Auxiliary handle Bike handle
Harness type Professional harness
Weight approx. 8.85 kg


In cooperation with Mitsubishi, Villager has developed a new series of brush cutters intended for professional use. The development and production of these extraordinary machines involve the implementation of the cutting-edge technology, primarily when it comes to two-stroke engines. Mitsubishi Strato Charged two-stroke engines of the TLE series abound in technical and technological achievements of the latest generation. Some of them include:

• Low emission of exhaust fumes, with the aim of environmental protection.

• Super-low fuel consumption (up to 35 percent lower when compared with the machines of the previous generation)

• Increased engine output (10 percent larger than the machines of the previous generation), aimed at more efficient work and better customer experience.

Villager BCN 48 XCE is a professional brush cutter of the latest generation. It has a 'bicycle' handlebar. Anti-vibration system in 4 spots, adjustable handlebar, professional strap for carrying and a Mitsubishi TLE48 two-stroke engine are just some of the characteristics of this extraordinary brush cutter.


  • Mitsubishi Strato Charged engine technology
  • Antivibration System
  • Super Start TM
  • Villager® BC174 trimmer head


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