Product specification

Category Electric lawn mowers
Engine type Electric motor
Voltage 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Input power 1600 W
Cutting width 380 mm
Lawns to 600 m²
Cutting height from 30 to 65 mm (5 stages, central)
Type of propulsion Pushing
Wheel Ø front / rear 140 mm / 180 mm
Mower deck Polypropylene
Collector size 45 l
Weight approx. 14 kg


The characteristic all of our electric lawn mowers share is their unique effectiveness in small grass surfaces, with an access to the electricity network. Light polypropylene housing, grass collectors, and height adjustment are just some of the features of these agile machines.


• Lightweight construction
• Comfortable handlebars
• Cutting height adjustment
• Indicator for the fullness of the collector 


• Mowing 
• Collecting


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