Engine-Powered Chainsaw VGS 5032 PE


Product specification

Characteristics Add to Comparison
Category Engine-powered chainsaws
Engine Petrol
Engine type Villager, 2-stroke, air cooled
Displacement 50.9 cm³
Engine power / rpm 2.2 kW (12000 rpm)
Guide bar length 450 mm
Chain model 95TXL072E
1.3 mm
Guide bar model Speed Cut
45 cm
1.3 mm
Tooth number 36
Fuel tank capacity 550 ml
Oil tank capacity 260 ml
Weight approx. 5.7 kg
Product line Black Edition


VGS 5032 PE is an extraordinary motor chainsaw from the black line, made according to the highest standards. It is characterized by excellent design, small weight, and comfort. Equipped with a powerful 2.2kW engine, it carries a 450mm long cutting apparatus (Oregon guide bar and a Speedcut range chain of the latest generation) with ease. It is a very powerful chainsaw for high demands and extreme loads. The low level of vibrations ensures comfortable work.


Anti-vibration System, Super Start,
Transparent oil tank,
Integrated tool


  • Use Villager 2T oil and Villager mineral oil for lubrication of cutting tools with the additive for longer retention

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