Product specification

Category Engine-powered lawn mowers
Engine type T100 OHV
Displacement 100 cm³
Engine power / rpm 1.7 kW / 2800 rpm
Cutting width 420 mm
Lawns to 800 m²
Cutting height (central) from 25 to 75 mm (6 stages)
Type of propulsion Pushing
Wheel Ø front / rear 152 mm / 178 mm
Mower deck Steel plate
Collector size 40 l
Weight approx. 22.5 kg


DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Villager series of lawn mowers was designed for hobbyists. A wide range of cutting widths, types or power supply and engines will meet the demands of every customer. This series of lawn mowers perhaps best illustrates the variety of Villager's offering to its customers. Whether you are an ordinary hobbyist or a hardcore gardener, this series surely offers something worthy of your attention. Cutting surfaces of 800 - 1500 m2 , Villager or B&S engines, self-propelled or push drive, these are just some of the options that are at your disposal.


  • Mowing
  • Collecting


  • Use Villager 4T oil
  • Use set for oil change