MBC 33 E

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Product specification

Category Multifunctional tool
Engine type 2-stroke, air-cooled
Displacement 32.6 cm³
Engine power / rpm 0.9 kW (7000 rpm)
Cutting width (nylon) 430 mm
Cutting width (blade) 255 mm
Hedge trimmer length 400 mm (rotating 180°)
Guide bar Oregon® 25 cm, 3/8, 1.3 mm
Chain 20 teeth, 3/8, 1.3 mm
Extension type Telescopic handlebar
Extension lenght 760 mm
Transmission system Drive-shaft
Drive-shaft type Aluminum / detachable
Drive-shaft diameter 28 mm
Handle type Loop handle
Strap type Single strap
Weight approx. 7.8 kg


If you need a motor scythe, telescopic chainsaw and a hedge trimmer, then make sure to look for the Villager MBC 33 E. MBC 33E is a multifunctional tool which will make performing a large number of household tasks a lot easier.


  • Eco-friendly model


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