VT 1000 HD

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Product specification

Category Tractor lawn mowers
Engine type B&S series 4 POWERBUILT 4165 AVS
Displacement 500 cm³
Engine power 12.1 kW (3600 rpm)
Cutting width 980 mm
Cutting area 6000 m²
Cutting height 25 - 80 mm (7 stages, central)
Blade type Double blade
Blade housing Steel plate
Transmission type Hydrostatic transmission
Number of speeds forward 1 (variable)
Number of speeds backward 1 (variable)
Wheel diameter front / rear 380 mm / 457 mm
Collector size 240 l
Weight 202 kg


VT 1000 HD is a tractor lawn mower intended for mowing large-sized lawns (over 6000 sqm). A powerful B&S motor and hydraulic transmission guarantee top quality and reliability of this exquisite product. Accessories and attachments make this tractor lawn mower a remarkable multifunctional machine.


  • Electromagnetic clutch
  • Safety switch under seat
  • Safety bumper
  • Head lights


  • Mulching
  • Washing link
  • Fast collector discharge handle


  • Use Villager 4T oil
  • Use oil replacement set


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